I sent two of my favorite pieces to this exhibition, juried by Namita Wiggers-Director and Chief Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in partnership with Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.

For more information please visit Arrowmont’s website… click here!

Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts – Gatlinburg, Tennessee
January 18 – March 15th
opening January 18th 4 – 8 pm

Here is the statement I sent in with the work:

I have lived in the same house in Michigan for 9 years – I have watched the landscape bloom, die, and come back again as the seasons have passed. What has not changed over this time is the regularity of my acute observation. This small plot of land surrounding my urban house is known and its rhythm has become a part of my everyday. In the summer the spiders set their webs in relatively the same spaces, and I know where the birds are nestled in overnight. The cardinals chirping at dusk signal me to stop working for the day, and their singing in the morning stirs me out of bed. In the winter – when everything is quiet and frozen – I miss the regularity provided by the natural world outside. I find myself at a loss when it is time to shut the windows – trying to find my own rhythm in the stillness of my house and the darkness of the cloud covered sky. The resulting work is a referential signal to this fragility and impermanence.

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