The latest equipment added to the studio is a collectable Adler home sewing machine manufactured sometime around 1930 in Germany.  This machine has a solid steel body with a very familiar pebbled enamel surface, what a gorgeous industrial grey/green!

Since early 2012, I have been researching a better ways of working with and sewing leather.  I started out by talking with some very nice people at sewing stores across Michigan about industrial sewing machines and finally ending up at the local cobbler where I was introduced to Adler sewing machines, specifically patch machines such as the Adler 30-1.  I briefly researched these machines and was overwhelmed, slightly intimidated and I put the idea of an industrial sewing machine of any kind on hold.  In December I saw this Adler on eBay and I grabbed it up despite zero assurances of the working condition – I was hopeful and ignored the “looks like it has barely been used” statement from the seller which was just vague enough to be either functional or non-functional. Once the machine arrived I quickly realized it was in need of some minor rehab work – a tension adjustment, and a general mechanical overhaul. So I found a local sewing mechanic willing to take a look at the vintage beauty and within a day the Adler was off and running with a really pretty lockstitch and the power to punch through delicate leather pieces.

Since acquiring this machine I have gathered a lot more information on industrial and vintage machines which in turn leads to more confidence as I navigate towards securing the sewing machines I need in the studio.  For now I am continuing to look for vintage Elna and/or Pfaff free arm machines… and of course still holding onto the dream of an Adler 30-1…

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